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Police Car


Crime does not discriminate based on zip code but - as your State Senator - I’ll continue working to sponsor legislation and support initiatives that provide for a safer District 19.

In the House of Representatives, I introduced various pieces of legislation focused on combatting human trafficking across Alabama. In the Senate, I’ll work to push these legislative measures forward so that human trafficking will no longer be an issue in the 19th District.

As a State Representative, I introduced HB5, a bill directed toward law enforcement that would prohibit the use of deadly force in certain circumstances and improve the procedure in determining which portion of police encounter recordings are to be disclosed or released. As a State Senator, I’ll fight to ensure all people receive equal and fair treatment by law enforcement and to provide for greater access to intervention training for officers. 

In the State Senate, I’ll support legislative measures that prioritize youth intervention and work to remove illegal firearms and weapons from the community.

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